Ahrens - Fox Model P-4:

There were only 23 Ahrens-Fox Model 'P' fire engines manufactured by the Ahrens Fox Company. Of the 23, only 9 had the distinction of being P-4 Models.

- 1921   Serial No.724   Madison, NJ
- 1922   Serial No.727   Nashville, TN
- 1923   Serial No.728   Syracuse, NY
- 1923   Serial No.729   Passaic, NJ
- 1925   Serial No.733   Passaic, NJ
- 1926   Serial No.737   Passaic, NJ
- 1926   Serial No.738   Passaic, NJ
- 1926   Serial No.739   Elkins Park, PA
- 1928   Serial No.748   Passaic, NJ

(Above: 1 of the 3 'P-4' Models in existence, Originally used by the Syracuse, NY Fire Department, and now owned by the S.P.A.A.M.F.A.A. (the Society for the Preservation & Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America).

The Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company built 1,546 pieces of motorized fire equipment, of those, 940 were piston pumpers. The last piston pumper built was delievered to Tarrytown, New York (HT3488), Approximately 325 piston pumpers still exist today. In 1922, the rounded hood and radiator used since 1913 were replaced by a new gable hood and radiator.